Sunday, July 10, 2011

Women want too much in bed?

RELATIONSHIPS between the sexes are on a more equal footing than ever.

Everything is shared and that includes pleasure in the bedroom.

In times gone by men have got away with thinking of only themselves when it came to sex but in today's society a consistently poor show is a big no no. However, is an award-winning performance expected every time?

Are women putting too much pressure on their men between the sheets?

"I like to be in, out and off within three minutes. Any longer and quite frankly it's a waste of my valuable time,"

When considering the fair maiden's feelings he says: "If the woman doesn't like it, she can lump it." A reality that has been confirmed more than once for men of such opinions one would wager.

"If you're feeling under pressure between the sheets then remove a blanket or two, I find this usually does the trick," said Petergk1, taking a more lighthearted approach to the issue.

When it came to pressuring men into performing better, gemmamariemc gave us a ladies' point of view: "I think they're not pressured enough!"

"No way are we under pressure in bed," an unaffected Boabywan proclaimed.

Another different opinion on the matter: "I think society puts too much pressure on us women, never mind your partner!

"You have to achieve multiple orgasms every time and try all sorts of new-fangled positions that could cripple you for life! And have the perfect body with no lumps or bumps!"

Her fella need not worry as she goes on to say: "If you read this honey, you are the best and I have no complaints." That's one man safe to fall into his comfort zone.

"I don't think anyone should be under pressure to perform in the bedroom. Surely being under pressure will take the fun out of things?"

"Pressure comes from demands, sex is supposed to be about having fun and enjoying the time together.

"Somtimes that can go all night, sometimes not, your partners attitude and willingness affects that. When you have been together a long time, you have to work at it more so it's not always the same old thing."


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